The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses Aug. 28-Sept. 17.

• Richard Lee Herrera to Brandi Hembree Griffith.

• Timothy Ray Norris to Tammy Diane Hannah.

• Sharky Haygood to Amanda Brooks.

• Christopher Collins to Robin Ashlee Brown.

• Chadwick Duane Hand to Haley Nicole Hogan.

• Anthony Wayne Settles to Vickie Ann Irons.

• Zachary Cortez Orr to Andria Starr May.

• Steven Lee Overton to Connie Lynn Puckett.

• Charles Brandon Owens to Tracy Lynn Taylor.

• Robert R. Wolfe to Kassandra B. Weimer.

• John Owen Johnson to Tracy Marie Mayhall.

• Jeremy Chatman to Tabitha Sapp.

• Stephen Dennis Graham to Nikki Lynne Shipp.

• Julio Cesar Banderas to Sayra Yanira Gamez Hernandez.

• Joshua Adam Drake to Breanna Munger Bratton.

• Quinisha Liatarius Thomas to Aubrielle Hines.

• Vivian Laverne Birgans to Tonya Michelle Hall.

• Reynaldo Carmoega to Yolanda Gonzalez.

• Billy Bryan Chancellor to Sheryll Kerniece Reynolds.

• Keon Ladell Bryan Reed to Amanda Brooke Haag.

• Scotty Lindel Brown to Victoria Grace Doss.

• Jack Ashley Brown to Sabrina Fay Carr.

• Dallas Casey Roper to Ashley Amanda Joy Sorrells.

• Clint Wade Watson to Rachael Leighann Staudt.

• Taylor Troy Hill to Allison Alaina Johnson.

• Billy Joe Ervin to Kimberly Lynn Jones.

• Bobby Joe Hill to Ashley Faye Legg.

• Darrel H. May to Jennifer I. McDonald.

• Berry Kristopher Donaldson to Shanel Leandra Clay.

• Chad Clayton to Crystal Patterson.

• William Ronald Farr to Anne Louise Gadowry.

• Delan George Ennevor to Natasha Kathleen Harris.

• Andrew Johnson Guire to Stephanie June Holloway.

• Matthew Konrad Fox to Cassie Glyn Culver.

• James Richard Burgess to Yamile Castillo Mercado.

• Barry Tyrone Lockhart to Princess Ladonna Logan.

• Christopher Neal Anderson to Ashley Micaeline Skaggs.

• James Drew Bartlett to Jessica Nicole O'Neill.

• Timothy Wayne Jackson to Ashley Naomi Cummins.

• Joshua Wayne Stroud to Kelly Elizabeth Eddy.

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