The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses Jan. 4-12.

• Corey Dion Curry to Felecia Carol Baker.

• Sebastian Gaspar Ramirez to Deona Nicole Campbell.

• Huey Wayne Owens to Debra Ann Halls.

• Bruce Alan March to Terry Oleava Marcy.

• Christopher Lee Jacobs to Jasmine Keamber McKinley.

• Jeremy Wayne Morris to Katie Richelle Glasgow.

• Jackie Dale Congoi to Heather Ann Kent.

• Raymond Allen Edward Atkins to Lakeisha Michelle Atkins.

• Travis Joel McRae to Stacy Ann Dimitro.

• Alvaro Dorsett to Adilene Barrientos Esteban.

• Dolan James Crowe to Brianna Renae Flack.

• Jonnathan Martinez Garcia to Laura Lizeth Gama Orozco.

• David Shane Peters to Lainie Renee Burkybile.

• John Steven Brakfield to Brenda Glenell Inman.

• Matthew Jeffrey Sandlin to Rachel Victoria Sandlin.

• Robert Daniel Whatley to Amanda Joy Whitlock.

• Rodriguez Montez Watkins to Shannon Denise Sykes.

• Emanuel De Jesus Gaspar to Maria Miguel Matias.

• Dakota James Parker to Courtney Jean Davis.

• Anthony Henry Hasenmueller to Toni Diane Maiorino Macaluso.

• Cornelius Dewayne Riley to Natasha Tameka Barker.

• Martin James Mapes to Megan Elizabeth Obert.

• Joshua Ryan Boyd to Shanna Nichloe Stinnett.

• John Curtis Johnson to Ametta Rochelle Peak.

• John Michael Blevins to Constance Nashae Boone.

• Kodi Riko Chaney to Amanda Belle Howse.

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