The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses June 1-7.

• Jacob Baron Wray to Morgan Elizabeth McHugh.

• Troy Wayne Smith to Amber Lynn Terry.

• German Morales Vasquez to Maria Olga Ramirez Simon.

• Zackery Caleb Bearden to Corie Elizabeth McRae.

• Brian Wayne Robertson to Riki Paulette Gordon.

• Marvin Lemaar Leeth to Kelly Lashae Harton.

• Michael William Chamberlain to Alyssa Bea Hinze.

• Frederick McKenzie Beason to Veronica Leeann Jarrett.

• Jorge D. Henriques Dos Reis to Brandy Nicole Sims.

• David Zeve Beckenstein to Jessica Earline Lanier.

• Colby Chase Easton Landers to Carolyn Ann Matthews.

• Wiley Warren Faust to Barbara Kay Pinyan.

• Carlos Manuel Rodriguez to America Carolina Vera.

• Juan Mateo Perez to Ana Sebastian Pablo.

• Eli Thomas Turner to Molly Cathleen Appleton.

• Timothy Patrick Hamilton to Pamela Denise Price.

• Santiago Perez Son to Yolando Saquic Larios.

• Justin Cordell Morgan to Hannah Rae Hall.

• Matthew Alexander Simpson to Maria Elenia Murphy.

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