The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses June 12-18.

• John Kennedy Cooper, of Decatur, to Jenelyn Nieva Nasayao, of Decatur.

• Toni Lynn Johns, of Decatur, to Brisa Michel Silverstein, of Decatur.

• Corey Nicholas Espy, of Moulton, to Kristen Holly Campbell, of Trinity.

• Marvin Lewis Reedus, of Courtland, to Christina Pointer, of Decatur.

• Jonathan Isaac Morris, of Trinity, to Emma Grace Graves, of Hartselle.

• Trey Collins Meares, of Falkville, to Mersadies Berlynn Orr, of Falkville.

• Peter Joshua Giordano, of Raleigh, North Carolina, to Kimber Aubrey Peralta, of Raleigh, North Carolina.

• James Paul Holdbrooks, of Decatur, to Marah Alexandra Adcock, of Decatur.

• Jacob Cameron Hyde, of Hartselle, to Yifang Liu, of Decatur.

• Joseph McKelvy Douthit, of Nashville, to Anna Nicole Weeks, of Nashville.

• Barry Glenn Johnson, of Knoxville, Tennessee, to Angela Kay Watson, of Moulton.

• Ian Colwill Cummins, of Hartselle, to Lauren Elisabeth Ellis, of Hartselle.

• Seth Duncan Mangum, of Decatur, to Melissa Petra Mulder, of Decatur.

• Elbert James Chapman, of Hartselle, to Rachel Leigh Colwell, of Decatur.

• Justo Alberto Jesus, of Decatur, to Jennifer Santos, of Decatur.

• Miguel Angel Barrietnos, of Decatur, to Maria de Jesus Gonzalez, of Decatur.

• Grant Austin Varner, of Eva, to Marquita Jo Holt, of Eva.

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