The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses June 19-25.

• Matthew Wayne Wacker, of Decatur, to Madisson Taylor Bodenmann, of Decatur.

• Billy Wayne Collins, of Hartselle, to Samantha Shanice Miley, of Hartselle.

• Beau Cody Curbow, of Baileyton, to Clarissa Jean Greenleaf, of Lacey's Spring.

• Brett Wade Taylor, of Athens, to Leigh Anna Boggs, of Athens.

• Richard Edward Ricks, of Danville, to Mary Shannon Bingham, of Danville.

• Earl Sherrill, of Decatur, to Stephanie Ann Smith, of Decatur.

• James Randy Barton, of Decatur, to Pamela Kay Barton, of Decatur.

• Lucas Wayne Phillips, of Trinity, to Adrianna Denice Lowry, of Trinity.

• Esteban Lopez Mendez, of Decatur, to Daisy Hernandez-Gonzalez, of Decatur.

• Rory Lee Thomas, of Decatur, to Laura Diane Boykin, of Decatur.

• Alan Javier Vega Nunez, of Decatur, to Vanessa Nieto, of Decatur.

• Marcos Martin Alonzo, of Russellville, to Cristina Ortiz Gutierrez, of Russellville.

• Rickey Don Terry, of Trinity, to Payton Nicole Boyd, of Trinity.

• Eric Nathaniel Gilbreath, of Hartselle, to Melissa Anne Bombard, of Hartselle.

• James Edward Hager, of Decatur, to Krys Holly Mar Butil Piamonte, of Decatur.

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