The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses May 22-28.

• Jason Aaron Wimsett, of Hartselle, to Nicole Leah Stoddard, of Hartselle.

• Benjamin Anthony Crouch, of Decatur, to Melinda Lee Mustain, of Decatur.

• Janez Music Ljubljana, of Cullman, to Claudia Estudillo Zamarripa, of Cullman.

• Gary Wayne Leach, of Trinity, to Deborah Kay Miller, of Hartselle.

• John Ethan Carpenter, of Decatur, to Alexandria Reece Walker, of Decatur.

• Whitney Forest McCurley, of Hartselle, to Ashley Estelle Nash, of Falkville.

• Christopher William Murphy, of Decatur, to Sandra Darlene Potts, of Decatur.

• Richard James Victorino, of Danville, to Rheba Darlene Cole, of Danville.

• Bobby Dean Allen, of Somerville, to Megan Nichole Gray, of Somerville.

• Nicholas Ryan Lovell, of Hartselle, to Rachel Katherine Terry, of Hartselle.

• Jason Boyd Burns, of Decatur, to Savannah Brey Winstead, of Decatur.

• Micah Amon Stan Howard, of Decatur, to Krystyna Alina Koczon, of Decatur.

• Eric Jomond Horton, of Decatur, to Jada Leann White, of Decatur.

• Christopher Neco Burks, of Athens, to Laura Elizabeth Speegle, of Athens.

• James Robert Vinton, of Decatur, to Hannah Marie Holloway, of Decatur.

• Scott David Ellis, of Decatur, to Marion Christina Garner, of Lacey's Spring.

• Donald Wayne Boehm, of White House, Tennessee, to Chasity Lynn Bryant, of White House, Tennessee.

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