The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses April 7-13.

• Toddrick Emon Goodlow to Shakeithdra Zhane Hood.

• Austin Cameron Reeves to Miriam Morgan Kilian.

• Zeke Salcido to Jessica Nicole Lindsey.

• Benjamin Wiley Beasley to Courtney Leigh Nolan.

• Adriane Annette Mosley to India Shantel Abernathy.

• Jason Leonard Wolek to Lauren Christine Gray.

• Sawyer Marcus Sutton to Auburn Alexandria Hall.

• Jose Luis Soto III to Krovoy Alexandria Whymns.

• Bobby Joe Waters to Sonya Kay Terry Waters.

• William Tate Anthony to Caroline Ameila Spencer.

• Jordan Blake Southern to Kimberly Mariah Hall.

• Jacob Aaron Watkins to Danielle Ruth Campbell.

• Jack Ray Smith to Samantha Renee Funk.

• Jackie Don Chance Wright to Megan Elizabeth Gibson.

• Itaraus Monta Parker to Rechene Eboni Hall.

• Noah Holland Brazelton to Kyleigh Scott Hancey Higdon.

• Michael Dewayne Tisdale to Judy Marie Hester.

• Christopher Tommy Rhodes to Kimberley Sue Partain.

• Mason Richard Little to Kaley Grace Loyd.

• David Allen Henderson to Jamie Marie Staudt.

• Matthew Gene Barber to Bianca Nicole Weeks.

• John Caleb Lewis to Katrina Michelle Stewart.

• Paul Richard Stacey to Patricia Reid Stacey.

• Francisco Morales Garcia to Tracy Barrientos Romero.

• Charlie Walter Crowley to Sabrina Lacole Slone.

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