The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses May 29-June 4.

• Rogerick Vashun McCord, of Decatur, to Tonia Selena Robinson, of Decatur.

• Cooper Jeremiah Wright, of Hartselle, to Bethany Caroline Partlow, of Hartselle.

• Jacob Jackson Quinn, of Decatur, to Hope Elyssa Gladish, of Decatur.

• Cary Brian West, of Decatur, to Renee Margaret Morgan, of Decatur.

• Matthew William Morris, of Decatur, to Melissa Erin Holmes, of Eva.

• Alton Gene Stewart, of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, to Cynthia Marie Grun, of South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

• Christian Emanuel Garrett, of Decatur, to Daysha Nicole Ford, of Decatur.

• John Patrick Carpenter, of Olive Branch, Mississippi, to Rachael Nicole Whitten, of Decatur.

• Justin Bryce Harrison, of Hartselle, to Lauren Elizabeth Lang, of Hartselle.

• Colton Jay Nunez Ord, of Decatur, to Amanda Joan Hampton, of Hartselle.

• Daniel Clay Stephenson, of Decatur, to Hayden Lane Hill, of Decatur.

• Charles Wayne Brooks, of Danville, to Carla Ann Harvell, of Decatur.

• Brett Jordan Blackwood, of Hartselle, to Hayley Ellen Jared, of Hartselle.

• Jason Harold Hall, of Owens Crossroads, to Julie Elise Miller, of Owens Crossroads.

• Joshua Joseph Johnson, of Decatur, to Larisa Danielle Smith, of Elkmont.

• Jason Ray Hollowell, of Decatur, to Lisa Nicole McClellan, of Decatur.

• Dylan Billy Wayne Livingston, of Moulton, to Anna Margaret Moses, of Decatur.

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