The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses July 17-23.

• Jordan Lee Sides, of Decatur, to Rachel Nicole Allen, of Decatur.

• Jeffrey Roy Henderson, of Somerville, to Donna Kaye Henderson, of Somerville.

• Brian Connor Boyd, of Hartselle, to Randi Fawn McCleskey, of Hartselle.

• Jason Louis Britt, of Hartsville, South Carolina, to Kristen Amber Howle, of Hartsville, South Carolina. 

• Thomas Clifton Milam, of Hartselle, to Phyllis Arlene Piper, of Hartselle.

• Craig Michael Harnen, of Decatur, to Kelly Delaine Gray, of Decatur.

• Eric Canada, of Alabaster, to Edith Marie Carthen, of Decatur.

• Justin Cruce Dozier, of Hartselle, to Margaret Katherine Ransom, of Somerville.

• Dexter Wesley Thompson, of Huntsville, to Sarah Allison Smith, of Huntsville.

• James Edward Berry, of Vinemont, to Jessica Leigh Kelley, of Vinemont.

• Thomas Beau Lacks, of Hartselle, to Amilla Eloise Coleman, of Hartselle.

• Joshua Lee Rhodes, of Hartselle, to Jordan Hope Wade, of Hartselle.

• Stephen Douglas Cox, of Trinity, to Theresa Leanne Stier, of Decatur.

• Hunter Lee Shelton, of Decatur, to Denise Michelle Logan, of Decatur.

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