The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses July 31-Aug. 6.

• Richard Woodrow Bond, of Decatur, to Tiffani Maria Corn, of Decatur.

• Jeffrey Davison Lowry, of Hartselle, to Dolores Gail Newbern, of Hartselle.

• Jared Christian Allen, of Hartselle, to Amanda Elizabeth Spears, of Decatur.

• Kenny Lee Odell, of Decatur, to Shelley Gail Eubanks, of Decatur.

• Alex Francisco Jimenez, of Decatur, to Angelica De Bautista Juan, of Decatur.

• Jacob Seth Roberts, of Decatur, to Christina Ann Pangburn, of Decatur.

• Jimmy Lynn Hudgins, of Madison, to Deanna Louise Resler, of Madison.

• Hunter Blane Patterson, of Hartselle, to Katia Arely Alanis Castillo, of Decatur.

• Lee Garrison Allen, of Trinity, to Lorey Elizabeth Thomas, of Millport.

• Tony Brownlow Talley, of Joppa, to Melanie Lee Owen, of Joppa.

• Payton Bryant Sittason, of Hartselle, to Bradee Sarah Aiyer, of Hartselle.

• Timothy James Aleen, of Hartselle, to Haley Marie Cheatham, of Decatur.

• Trevor Lawrence Garrison, of Mount Hope, to Anna Rachel Reeves, of Mount Hope.

• Christian Jarred Youngblood, of Hartselle, to Teri Nicole Brown, of Hartselle.

• Christian Wade Hatchett, of Toney, to Brandy Dawn Campbell, of Toney.

• Joshua Elbert Sanford, of Decatur, to Miranda Kemper Jones, of Decatur.

• Ethan James Carter, of Madison, to Shelby Jane Selvidge, of Hazel Green.

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