The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses May 1-7.

• Joel Woodward Kirkham, of Decatur, to Jessica Dawn Free, of Falkville.

• Rayford Glenn Shelton, of Trinity, to Lisa Ann Garner, of Huntsville.

• Christopher Ryan Burns, of Addison, to Sonya Renee Skipworth, of Decatur.

• Christopher Deshone, of Decatur, to Tameka Shantel Goode, of Decatur.

• Gegory Lee Smith, of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, to Vonda Lee Wheeler, of Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

• Cody Nathaniel Drinkard, of Hartselle, to Heather Diane Henning, of Hartselle.

• Geoffrey Lawrence Taylor, of Decatur, to Natalie Michelle Garner, of Decatur.

• Slayton Pruitt Vest, of Hartselle, to Chelsea Morgan Bennich, of Hartselle.

• Bishop Marvin Barbee, of Decatur, to Sharon McCoy, of Decatur.

• Alonzo B. Domingo, of Decatur, to Juana Juan Andres, of Decatur.

• David Tyler Grantland, of Somerville, to Whitany Ann Cole, of Somerville.

• Jason Michael Allen, of Hartselle, to Erica Nicole Cartee, of Hartselle.

• David Brentley Tate, of Hartselle, to Candice Renee Burks, of Huntsville.

• Steven Joseph Whitt, of Decatur, to Angelia Dean Sheppard, of Hartselle.

• David Timothy Pettey, of Joppa, to Sarah Kathryn Killian, of Joppa.

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