The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses Oct. 21-27.

• Andrew Lynn Davis to Victoria Ruth Elam Conrad.

• Kody Austin Wilson Kodra to Hannah Leanne Jenkins.

• Daniel Brinson Smith to Ayriann Darlene Kelley.

• Andrew Kane Watwood to Payton Layne Morrow.

• David Kirkland Walker to Patricia Ann Pickens.

• Ronnie Shane Hester to Carrie Marie Schmacht.

• Michael Ace Simpson to Jessica Nicole Lynn.

• Lucas James Turney to Rita Taylor Carroll Ledbetter.

• Jacob Blankenship Terry to Mallorie Rose Kauffman.

• Richard Logan Kennamer to Brittany Ann Graham.

• Thomas Alex Melton to Sharon Rene Huckbay.

• Tyler Jordan Johnson to Haley Airianna Forster.

• Joshua Michael Sides to Kayeleigh Deanna Tshenina.

• Jonathan Kyle Burton to Hailey Michelle Vasquez.

• Ronald Franklin Stephens to Olivia Ann Wright.

• Anthony Tyler Morrison to Bailey Madison Watkins.

• Ryen Thomas Newby to Jaime Morgan Raines.

• Caleb Obadiah Hammond to Caroline Lee Turner.

• Daniel Phillip Bluite Borden to Emily Rosellen Clark.

• James Kyle Lawson to Destiny Leigh Baldwin.

• Larry Dewayne Scott to Letesha Shanree Brackins.

• Andrew Logan Dodd to Madison Paige George.

• Jorge Villasenor Vasquez to Idalia Gonzalez Gallegos.

• William Everett Jackson to Chandler Marie Matthews.

• Devon Philip Warnick to Holly Marie McMurray.

• Reyes Ruben Cordero Brito to Maria Lorena Suastegui Bello.

• William Barry Black to Courtney Nicole Suits.

• Shane Patrick Chenault to Hannah Grace Price.

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