The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses March 30-April 5.

• Markendrick Deshaun to Selena Ann McGee.

• Kevin Douglas Kent to Jennifer Michele Nelson.

• Adam Gabir Ibra to Armani Janay Smith.

• David Kyle Boroughs to Lindsey Janesse Vinzant.

• Rene Ramirez Quebrado to Marisol Cruz Urioste.

• J. Valentin Mata Aguilera to Karen Guadalupe Roman Silva.

• Keith Tyler Smith to Brylee Kamryn Stanley.

• Gary Stewart Rhodes to Lucinda Anne Wales.

• Lohren Adam Marcum to Courtney Sykes Webster.

• Jesus Bello Palma to Kayla Leshea Wilson.

• Cody Douglas Clines to Karley Samantha Young.

• Victor Maleke Villasenor to Victoria Shabrey Vaughn.

• Tyler Dale Wallace to Alex Andrea Pinter.

• Armadeus Devon Polk to Amy Beth Hale.

• Drew Langston Cooke to Ericka Leigh Kelley.

• Alexander Jefferson Nickles to Hailey Lynn Bunney.

• Lyle Nash Stokes to Madison Christine Casey.

• Daniel Wayne Seibert to Haley Nicole Copeland.

• William Tyler Holcomb to Erin Lynn Dobbs.

• Brandon Lee Riley to Rebecca Leann Barber.

• Joshaua Randall Curtis to Ashley Lynn Barr.

• Brian Scott Zanda to Rachel Lyn Bomar.

• Nicholas James Barton to Mary Ashley Liles.

• Andrew Martin Harris to Kristina Brooke McMahan.

• Philip Charles Ball to Misty Dawn Ponte.

• Jonathon Lee Elden Proffitt to Jenna Danelle Piller.

• Tommy Quinterry Thomas to Murnique Isis Brown.

• Brian Edward Hall to Chelsie Angela Eren Smith.

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