The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses July 24-30.

• Nathan Tyler Parton, of Madison, to Jazlyn Dalee Lucas, of Madison.

• Jermetrick De Shaun Nance, of Courtland, to Moesha Denise Patton, of Courtland.

• Daniel Keith Hogan, of Danville, to Clair Elizabeth Tarlton, of Danville.

• Alex Lee Aldredge, of Falkville, to Angela Dorothy Williams, of Falkville.

• Joel Ren Clark, of Decatur, to Lisa Diane Coggins, of Decatur.

• Jeremy Sean Stephenson, of Somerville, to Rachael Rhea Powell, of Somerville.

• Jared Jackson McKelvy, of Decatur, to Alissa Faith Fortinberry, of Decatur.

• Christopher Arenez Wiggins, of Decatur, to Glenda Faye Howard, of Houston, Texas.

• Rickey Joe Smith, of Hartselle, to Rhonda Lee McLachlan, of Hartselle.

• Todd Donald Rayburn Ogle, of Decatur, to Jada Paige Treest, of Decatur.

• James Timothy Nichols, of Hartselle, to Erica Michelle Stewart, of Hartselle.

• Kevin Dwain Thompson, of Danville, to Lakeshia Katrina Sheppard, of Danville.

• Miguel Castro Alonzo, of Decatur, to Herlinda Macrina Aguilar Tzul, of Decatur.

• Michael Wayne Godsey, of Hartselle, to Ashley Marie Nail, of Decatur.

• Gregory Leon Cornell, of Decatur, to Chrystal Lashea Williams, of Decatur.

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