The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses Oct. 30-Nov. 5.

• Coltan Lance Flannagin to Kristan Lynn Brooks.

• Stevie Brianna Bruce to Kayla Lachelle Hayes.

• Steven Harold Hunt to Jennifer Dawn Metz.

• Darek Allen Wiggins to Elizabeth Keller Hofammann.

• David Allan Mains to Angela Kayla Rutherford.

• Chancelor De McGuire to Shana Greene.

• Bradley Keith Tucker to Elizabeth Lena Wilson.

• William Kobi Mears to Laura Ashley Smith.

• Caleb Michael Wozniak to Kayley Aileen Hartselle.

• Timothy Boyd Robbins to Kelly Marie Chism.

• Jake Colby Higdon to Kaitlyn Rae Roberts.

• Michael Ray Morris to Judy Ann Rueth.

• Barclay Way Woodward to Diana Holland Howard.

• David Aaron Howard to Haley McKenzie League.

• Jimmy Steve Mitchell to Bridget Michelle Mitchell.

• Carl Ryan Prewitt to Georgina Michelle Saucedo.

• Adrain Bernard Garner to Keyonna Latrelle Birdsong.

• Samuel Paul Middendorf to Alexa Lee Jordan Bodley.

• Anthony K. Feigenblatt to Shannon R. Tazelaar.

• James Quenton Hill to Jessica Shawnte White.

• Daquan Lashawn Langford to Alyveya Karlik Banks.

• Jorge Gomez Hernandez to Neyvi Hernandez Jimenez.

• James A. Odom to Jennifer W. Russell.

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