The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses Aug. 7-13.

• Sean Warren Hollis, of Decatur, to Traci Marie Heatherly, of Decatur.

• Michael Todd Payne, of Moulton, to Caroline Elizabeth Bradford, of Moulton.

• Daniel Michael Lawrence, of Hartselle, to Amanda Mehgan Darby, of Hartselle.

• Kirkland James Edmond, of Falkville, to Carlee Siome Armstrong, of Falkville.

• Teresco Catro Perez, of Decatur, to Tomasa Jimon Lopez, of Decatur.

• Bryan Caleb Long, of Falkville, to Taylor Nicole Walker, of Falkville.

• Jeffrey Vernon Klooster, of Decatur, to Ciara Hope Pellam, of Decatur.

• Robert Charles Hyde, of Hartselle, to Jennifer Le Ann Curtis, of Hartselle.

• Greg Negash McDowall, of Decatur, to Sonja Niquita Daley, of Decatur.

• Antonio Lara Hernandez, of Falkville, to Maria Cristina Rendon, of Falkville.

• Adam Robert Foster, of Hartselle, to Desirae Len Jett, of Hartselle.

• Corey Dewayne Wynn, of Decatur, to Shontez Lynette Morris, of Decatur.

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