The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses May 15-21.

• Michael Paul Paetow, of Decatur, to Heather Michelle Carpenter, of Decatur.

• Kendrick Javaris Barbee, of Decatur, to Latasha Shanta Jabobs, of Decatur.

• Trenton James Hutchinson, of Decatur, to Alexandria Rose Endres, of Decatur.

• Riley William Camp, of Hoover, to Mary Claire Swann, of Hoover.

• Santiago Miguel Alonzo, of Decatur, to Martha Tomas Martin, of Decatur.

• David Russell Armes, of Decatur, to Zerlinda Kay Stewart, of Decatur.

• Timothy Jordan Smith, of Danville, to Kerstin Kay Elizabeth Dumas, of Danville.

• John David White, of Decatur, to Allison Nicole Slayton, of Decatur.

• Jonathan Sayers Lackey, of Hartselle, to Molly Kathleen Buffington, of Hartselle.

• William Clark Colburn, of Harvest, to Michelle Sue Brinkman, of Hartselle.

• Zachary Aaron Jones, of Hartselle, to Andrea Brooke Perry, of Hartselle.

• Bobby Thaniel Posey, of Decatur, to Sheila Ann Wallace, of Decatur.

• Brandon Scott Quigg, of Athens, to Katelyn Leanne Hill, of Athens.

• Sidney Aaron Sawyer, of Florence, to Skyller Lindsey Murphy, of Florence.

• Kristofer Dwayne Seguin, of Eva, to Kellie Renea Henley, of Eva.

• Roy Boyce Roper, of Trinity, to Willie Florence Osborn, of Moulton.

• Cory Austin Teague, of Danville, to Brooklyn Michelle Thomas, of Danville.

• Lucas Charles Gillott, of Hartselle, to Jennifer Dianne Jones, of Danville.

• Danial Norris Roden, of Hartselle, to Pamela Fran Haywood, of Hartselle.

• Jacob Terry Cowart, of Hartselle, to Dakota Cheyanne Hood, of Hartselle.

• Michael Stephen Burbank, of Killen, to Courtney Anne Clark, of Decatur.

• Mitchell Pace Mockenstrum, of Madison, to Kathryn Lynell Henderson, of Decatur.

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