The Morgan County probate office issued the following marriage licenses Oct. 16-22.

• Leon Hunter Strahan to Reyahnna Colette Howards.

• Brett Morris Herring to Angela Kay Kalman.

• Jason Dewayne Mayhall to Katrina Marie McDaniel.

• Barry Whitake Boshell to Heather Nicole Parker.

• Jonathan David White to Rachel Lynn Holmes.

• Encarnacion Larios Castro to Marta Lopez Perez.

• William Alexander Rice to Akaiba Monique Yarbrough.

• Austin Gene Smith to Subrina Jean Wynn.

• Michael R. Fadich to Jan Turowski.

• Stephen Christopher to Deanna Joyce Russell

• Brandon George Bennich to Olivia Lauren Scoggins.

• Kody Austin Lawrence Cox to Natalie Elizabeth Bell.

• David Alan King to Lea Rebekah Carlson.

• Caranell Levan Calhoun to Suzanne Coston Carter.

• Eneas Abraham Dubon Caprio to Heidy Noemi De Paz Jeronimo.

• Alan Lynn Gastler to Amanda Beth Haselden.

• Kirby Lee Ridge to Crystal Jo Hill.

• Eric Allen Vest to Stephanie Nashae Richey.

• Jeffrey Daniel Caputo to Tara Van Meter Sulman.

• James Maxwell Schoppman to Layla Danielle Lambert.

• Jeffrey Lynn Grantland to Kimberly Marie Hokett.

• Andres Cordova to Taylor Nicole Jones.

• Jonathan Laurence Sanchez to Elesha Carol Henson.

• Dharam Rampersad to Fallyn Marie Warren.

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