What You Need on Hand to Clean Just About Everything

(StatePoint) While pine-based cleaning products aren’t anything new, most people don’t realize they’re among the most functional cleaning products to have on hand, even when it comes to sprucing up your hardest-to-clean items and spaces.

In a recent national survey by AlEn USA, consumers said that bathrooms and kitchens are the hardest areas of the home to clean, and they involve some of their most disliked chores, including mopping floors and cleaning the toilet, tub, oven and stove.

To help you tackle these tough tasks and many other messes, the makers of PINALEN Fresh Pine multipurpose cleaner are sharing facts, cleaning tips, and some surprising uses for pine-oil infused cleaners:

1. Pine oil is extracted from pine needles and diluted, making it extremely effective. It delivers a refreshing and lingering natural piney scent, and it cleans and deodorizes a variety of surfaces.

2. In its national cleaning survey AlEn USA found that 33 percent of people list grease removal as their most difficult cleaning task. Because pine oil is alkaline, it can tackle even stubborn grease and grime on range hoods, stovetops, ovens, grills, and a variety of other surfaces and household items.

3. Pine-oil infused multipurpose cleaners are extremely versatile and can be used to:

• Remove spots from carpets and floor mats

• Remove lipstick from clothes

• Deodorize your kids’ sports uniforms in the wash

• Get stains out of seatbelts

• Deep clean and deodorize toilet bowls

• Get musty smells out of towels

• Erase handprints from walls and glass

• Clean sticky game pieces, toys and balls

• Remove grease from bicycle parts and wheel wells

• Clean marks from leather purses

• Lift dust and dirt from fans 

• Scrub mud from boots and shoe soles

• Brighten cell phone cases

• Degrease tools

• Get any nonporous flooring sparkling clean

When shopping for a pine-oil infused cleaner, keep in mind that a few things set PINALEN apart: it has five times more pine oil compared to the leading pine cleaner, it’s biodegradable, and no pine trees are harmed during pine-oil extraction. In addition, the company that makes it, AlEn USA, is one of the top plastic recyclers in North America, recycling more plastic than it uses and giving bottles a second life for more than 25 years. To use the PINALEN store locator, discover 180 uses for pine oil, and learn more about the brand’s commitment to a greener world, visit www.pinalen.com.

A clean home has its rewards. According to the study, 68 percent of people feel a sense of accomplishment after they clean and 65 percent enjoy the smell of a clean house. To achieve this affordably and with ease, consider streamlining your clean with the power and natural scent of pine oil.

Photo Credit: (c) Deagreez / iStock

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