How We Met

How we met was simply by divine appointment...literally. It was a cold December day, December 22, 2014 to be exact, and I was abruptly woken up by my mom to attend a last minute dentist appointment. I rushingly got up, threw on some sweat pants, put my hair on top of my heard, and was on my way. And boy was I ill at have been woken up early during Christmas break. I arrive at the dentist office, check in, and take my seat. As I was sitting waiting for my name to be called, there is only one other person in the waiting room. Across the room from me sits this curly-headed boy with a Florence football t-shirt on with what I thought were khaki pants (they were actually Carharts) tucked into his old, worn out, Dan Post boots. I though “hm, what strange attire, why is he staring at me?!” So as I continue to wait, I keep staring at him to try and catch him staring at me. I calmly grabbed my phone, raised it up to perfectly point at him, took his picture, and captioned it “cute boy at the dentist office” and sent it to my mom only trying to get a rise out of her. At this point I was just annoyed and bored and ready to get on with my day. They finally call my name, I get my teeth cleaned, and I leave. I go home, take a short nap, and wake up to find a new Instagram follow request. I click on it, and surprisingly say “Mom! That boy from the dentist office just found me on Instagram and followed me!!” Confused, I start to message him and he instantly sent a message saying “Was that you in the dentist office today, or is this the wrong person?” Sooo OF COURSE I message him back...and the rest is history. As Ben and I continued to talk to each other, I learned that he was not supposed to be at the dentist office at that time. His appointment time was actually confused, and he came earlier than he was supposed to. As I prayed for the husband I would one day have, I know it was not by accident Ben and I crossed paths that day. Everything happens for a reason and in God’s timing. Ben is hardworking, loyal, honest, sincere, and loving. I am so excited to start my life with him. Please pray for us that we have the guidance we need as we become one, and we follow the path Jesus has laid out for us. We are so excited to have everyone be a part of our big day, and to celebrate what He has put together!

Hannah-Catherine Abernathy and Ben Cook were married June 22, 2019 in a 5:00 afternoon ceremony at Ava’s Place with Bobby Gourley officiating. The reception followed at Ava’s Place.

The bride is the daughter of Jimmy and Donna Abernathy of Florence. She is the granddaughter of Verlia Gable and the late Robert Gable, and Martha Moore, all of Florence.

The groom is the son of Charlie and Beverly Cook of Florence. He is the grandson of Wallace and Kay Smith, Connie Garrett, and Danny Hughes, all of Florence.

The bride was escorted by her father. She wore a white jersey dress and a white cathedral veil from David’s Bridal.

Maid of honor was Josie Sparks, best friend of the bride. Bridesmaids were Torie Garner, Kathryn Montgomery, Sarah Beth Waddell, and Mary Alan Tice, all friends of the bride. Flower girls were Shiloh Smith and Paisley Smith, twin cousins of the groom.

Best man was the groom’s father, Charlie Cook. Groomsmen were Brandan Smith, cousin of the groom; Adam Abernathy, brother of the bride; Andrew Cook, brother of the groom; John Murphy, Garrett Bozeman, and Everett Ruggles, friends of the groom.

The bride and groom shared their first communion together as a couple during the ceremony, signifying their union as one, they braided the cord of three strands displaying their desire to keep Christ in the center of their marriage.

Wedding director was Nancy Wilson. Floral designer was Cindy Harrison. Catering the reception was Becky O’Kelley of Creative Catering, and the wedding cake and groom’s cake were made by Lana Copeland. Providing music for the ceremony and entertaining guests at the reception was Lavale and Sonya Cooper of C.C. Music Entertainment. Hair stylist and make-up artist was Layla Howard. Photographers were Courtney Ann Browder Photography and Sommer Hamilton of Saving Grace Photography. Videographer was Al Hammond of Awaken Films. Other special helpers were Charlene Talley, Jill Holt, and Paige Stephens.

After a honeymoon trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn., the couple is now residing in Florence.

Bridal Photos by Courtney Ann Browder Photography and Wedding Photography by Sommer Hamilton of Saving Grace Photography

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